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  The decoupling pads "OUDJAT", for acoustic speaker, CD player, DVD, Blu-Ray,

turntable, amp and pre-amp, have proven themselves in this area.

Much more efficient than the elastomer or derivative pads and the decoupling points.

Spectacular effect especially for speakers.

More natural stamps and a better definition of the instruments.

A stereo image much more airy and precise.

A wider sound scene and more natural dialogues.

You will have the impression of rediscovering your speakers.

  NEW: the OUDJAT are replaced by the OUDJATBOX LOCKED, which are equally powerful but easier to install.

Unlike elastic feet, which allows a resonance frequency dependent on the mass, the ball system blocks frequencies that depend only on the curvature of the cups and the diameter of the ball.

Due to the tiny touch point, the OUDJAT acts as a high pass filter. The lateral freedom of the ball and the fact that there are only three points of support, ensures this characteristic, even if the cups are not centered. there will always be three points of support.

The lateral freedom of the ball, acts as a buffer protecting the electronic frequencies transmitted by the sound diffusers or parasitic vibrations.

Placed under the speakers, the difference is quite audible.
What surprises most is the clarity of the sound. One has the impression that one removed a veil which masked the enclosures.
Under a bass subwoofer recover a better attack and are more impactful.


 Keep your HIFI setup as is, instead of replacing an amp, a source, or speakers.

Simply place 3 OUDJAT under each speaker.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the superior quality of the sound.

The high-end speakers will reveal, all their finesse and open completely to re-enchant your ears.

It takes a set of 3 "OUDJAT" by speaker or electronics.
An "OUDJAT" = 2 cups + a ball.

For these magnificent speakers, the Oudjat are incised in the base. Visual and sound rendering without compromise.

Furniture fully decoupled by integration of OUDJATBOX.

For particular applications, contact us.

We will study all possibilities to satisfy you.

We will also propose our solutions.